Fire Stock Application installation successful.

You are only one step away to Approve charges and enjoy the fire stock feature.

Firestock Setting

You can Enable and Desable app from here easily.

This setting is disabled.

How to use this app

  • Enable Firestock Setting.
  • Click on this Magic link to add Initial Stock of products. (Read Notice)
  • Save it.
  • Click on Run Configuration.
  • Open product.liquid in template or product-template.liquid from sections in theme files (SS: ).
  • Find {% endform %} or </form> in code file.
  • Copy and paste following code right above form closing tag
  • {% include 'firestock' %}
  • Save it (SS: ).
  • Visit your product page in which you added Initial stock.

Preview Progress bar


  • Initial Stock should be larger than remaining stock/quantity.
    For example: If remaining Stock or quantity is 175 then Initial Stock should be >175.
  • Firestock will work according to First available variant Quantity (SS :
  • You should Track quantity for accurate result. (SS:
  • If you face any error, Click Run Configuration. It solves 90% errors of this app.

DELETE APP DATA will remove all configuration and data permanently.